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Bathroom Treats

Our hand crafted natural and olive oil soaps are made from the finest quality ingredients which means they look and smell stunning as well as having the benefit of being great for the skin.

Our shea butter bath bombs will fill your bath time full of gorgeous fruity fragrances while you spoil yourself with some me time after which you will be left feeling completely relaxed and smooth all over.

Our beautifully purifying and repairing shampoo bars are handmade using natures cleansing plants to naturally clean and protect your hair and scalp.  After every use you are left with a zingy astringent sensation invigorating all of your senses.

Our stunning range of luxurious bath salts are all available in two sizes.  Time To Unwind made from a blend of pure lavender, orange and sweet basil essential oils in natural sea salt.  Detox with an artful blend of pure may chang tea tree and juniper essential oils also in natural sea salt.  Pink Himalayan are infuse the skin with minerals and hydration, relaxing cramped muscles and providing your body with much needed nutrients.

Our Luxury Soap Flowers are the perfect addition to any relaxing, romantic bath.  Add one or two flowers to your warm bath, relax and watch them dissolve right before your eyes transforming the water and adding the amazing scent of pure soap that will leave your skin feeling soft, silky and smelling wonderfully fresh.

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