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Our stunning range of Love Serendipity jewellery is designed to both resonate and respond to the natural energy field of the body while also providing gorgeous arm candy suitable for any occasion.  Due to its high end design features all elements in the range are unisex with the added luxury of being one size fits all.


The body contains seven chakras, which are also described as energy centers, that focus on certain emotions and keep the energy flowing around the body correctly.  Maintaining chakra balance, or alignment, has a positive impact on your emotional and physical well being and can help you feel centered, energized and at peace.  Wearing any form of chakra jewellery with thought and intention can help bring this balance into your life.  When selecting the piece of jewellery that is right for you do so while reflecting on your state of mind and the joys and challenges you are currently facing.


Product Note : As Chakra Pendants are a hand made product size, colour and shapes may vary.

Chakra Pencil Pendant

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