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Crystal healing is a type of alternative therapy that involves using gemstones to bring balance into our lives.  Crystals have a stable and unchanging energy pattern, each with a unique frequency or resonance, that provides them with special properties.  As a result crystals act like tuning forks helping bring harmony to the very unstable energy field of the human body.




Crystal Spheres are both beautiful and powerful, emitting harmony and positivity.  Historically the sphere is a perfect shape and held sacred as all points are the same distance away from the centre therefore making it a pure expression of unity, integrity and completeness.  The shape of Crystal Spheres allows the energy to radiate in all directions at once therefore making them a great choice for many intentions.  Crystal Spheres are hand carved from a variety of naturally sourced crystals and gemstones, they are polished and smooth to the touch which means you will naturally want to hold them.  If you love working with crystals these are special pieces which can be used in crystal healing, they are also visually stunning when placed around the home or workspace.




Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful healing stone with a soft cooling and calming energy bringing peace of mind.  It is particularly effective in allowing free expression of thoughts and feelings and is one of the greatest nurturing and supportive stones helping to neutralize anger and counteract the suppression of feelings that stem from a fear of being judged or rejected.  Blue Lace Agate assists with the verbal expression of thoughts and feelings and counteracts mental stress.




This crystal sphere is a one-off piece therefore the images show the exact product you will receive.

Blue Lace Agate Sphere 54mm

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