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Incense burners have been used throughout the world since ancient times.  Also known as Censers they are  designed  to hold the incense while catching the ash of the burning incense stick.  Our exciting range of incense burners are all hand picked to ensure we have an extensive choice of beautiful and affordable designs to suit every decor.  We look for style and quality to ensure all of our incense burners are the ultimate in design and functionality.  As they can be taken anywhere they are perfect for any area of the home or workspace so just add your favourite fragrance and enjoy.




♡ Hold a piece of Incense at an angle downwards away from your body and light the tip.

♡ Once a strong flame is visible blow it out so only smoke is produced.

♡ Carefully place it in the burner allowing the embers to get enough air to continue to burn.

♡ Ensure incense is fully extinguished when not in use.

♡ Always ensure your burner is placed on a stable surface resistent to heat.

♡ Never leave unattended while in use.

♡ Keep your burner out of reach from children and animals.

♡ Ensure nothing flammable is placed close to your burner. 




As all of our incense burners are hand made using natural products size, colour and shape may vary.

Wooden Chakra Incense Burner

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