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Our stunning range of Love Serendipity jewellery is designed to both resonate and respond to the natural energy field of the body while also providing gorgeous arm candy suitable for any occasion.  Due to its high end design features all elements in the range are unisex with the added luxury of being one size fits all.


Obsidian Snowflake impels us to grow and lends solid support while we do.  It is a strongly protective stone which forms a shield against negativity and absorbs negative energies from the environment.  It also draws out mental stress and tension which stimulates growth on all levels urging exploration of the unknown and opening new horizons.  Obsidian Snowflake brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion helping you to understand who you truly are.  Obsidian Snowflake can also dissolve emotional blockages and old traumas promoting qualities of compassion and strength.


Gemstone Chip Bracelets are made using small tumbled pieces of crystal, they are perfectly smooth and finished in a more natural shape.

Obsidian Snowflake Gemstone Chip Bracelet