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Palo Santo comes from a tree called Bursera Graveolens that grows in South America.  For centuries Palo Santo, which translated means Holy Wood, has been burned as an energy cleanser.  It is capable of resetting energy previously tainted by negativity or conflict and even has the power to attract sacredness into a space.  This makes Palo Santo the perfect choice for cleansing your crystal collection.




♡ Hold a piece of Palo Santo at an angle downwards away from your body and light the end.

♡ Once a strong flame is visible blow it out so only smoke is produced.

♡ Carefully place it in in a safe holder allowing the embers to get enough air to continue to burn.

♡ Ensure Palo Santo is fully extinguished when not in use.

♡ Always ensure your holder is placed on a stable surface resistent to heat.

♡ Never leave unattended while in use.

♡ Keep your holder out of reach from children and animals.

♡ Ensure nothing flammable is placed close to your holder.


♡ Each bag contains six Palo Santo pieces and each piece is approximately 10cm long

    Palo Santo Bag Of Six Pieces

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